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Synopsis :


Win the beautiful game in Pro Evolution Soccer 19. It puts you in the game like never before with enhanced graphics, new and more powerful player skills and heightened online modes. Pro Evolution Soccer 19 makes you feel like a real manager with its improved ML Real Season function.


Features : 


New 4K HDR video resolution allows for constant high detail in gameplay camera

Increase of total teams, players and stadiums compared to PES 2018

Enhanced animation flow and variety across all player motions, real grass textures, crowd detail improvement

Player individuality is taken to the next level, where skills and player strengths are more prominent in gameplay and motion

Introduction of 11 new skill traits which help enhance player uniqueness, such as no-look pass, PK taker and dipping/rising shot

Players will give visual signs when they are suffering with fatigue, or simply not having enough energy to get back into position

Dribbling animation and fluidity is now based on a variety of factors, such as player positioning, distance from the ball, and proximity of the opposition

New shooting mechanics, including unique animation based on player and ball position, as well as balancing of the ball's speed based on player's skill and shooting situation

Reworked goal nets, with the whole net reacting to impact rather than just the scoring area

Multiplayer for up to 11 vs. 11 online players and three-on-three online team-building mode with microtransactions


In the box :


  • PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer *BN*

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